Colonoscopy Pictures

See colonoscopy pictures that may be seen in your Irritable Bowel Syndrome investigation. Real colon, endoscopy and sigmoidoscopy photos for you. See the images that an endoscopist observes!

Pictures can be taken during your colonoscopy procedure.

Here I have included examples of normal (as you would see in IBS or irritable bowel syndrome) and abnormal  pictures for your interest.

These pictures of endoscopy images serve to give you an idea of the quality images that can be seen during your colonoscopy or flexible sigmoidoscopy.

The quality of endoscopy images really are as good, if not better than photos taken with a standard camera.

Examples of sigmoidoscopy and Colonoscopy Pictures

These photos can be taken during the procedure and stored either digitally or in hard copy.

They are very useful to have in the sufferers notes and a good way of showing the person having the, what the condition actually looks like.

Pictures are a good point of reference.

Colonoscopy Trainee

Colonoscopy training

Normal Colon

Normal colon



Terminal Ileum

Terminal Ileum

Diverticular disease

Diverticular Disease

Colon Cancer

Colon cancer
Colon cancer
Colon cancer


Ulcerative colitis

Colonic Polyps

Colonic Polyp
Colonic Polyp Removal

More colonoscopic pictures, endoscopy pictures and sigmoidoscopy images are planned so don't forget to return soon for further images in the future!

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