WHat Are the Acacia Powder
Health Benefits In IBS?

Acacia powder for constipation is a natural option for your Irritable Bowel Syndrome symptoms providing gentle bowel movements.

It is a natural, soluble fiber from the acacia tree and has the latin name of acacia senegal. It is obtained from the trunk sap.

Once the sap dries it is referred to as gum arabic. This is crushed in to a fine white powder which is then used, either mixed up in water or can be spread on your food.

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Tummy Fiber in IBS

The fiber is used in the treatment of IBS providing health benefits through bulking up your stools in the gut, which in turn aids transit of the stool through your gut.  It is also said to have a natural healing property for your gut lining.

Review of The Evidence

Min, Y et al (World J Gastroenterol. 2012 Sep 7;18(33):4563-9) looked at enrichment of probiotic yoghurt with acacia and found that by enriching the yoghurt was more beneficial than in using yoghurt alone. 

This clearly showed that this fiber for IBS constipation was an evidenced based option. 

Simakachorn, N et al (J Pediatr Gastroenterol Nutr. 2011 Aug;53(2):174-81) looked at the use of acacia gum with probiotics in critically ill children. They showed that it was well tolerated, safe and effective in increasing the gut bacterial load.

Buy Acacia Powder For Constipation

Having read the above information about the health benefits, you might like to try it yourself.

You can purchase yours from a reliable source here. I have provided you with links to buy your tummy fiber online.

Organic Acacia Fiber – 12 ounce

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This fiber is a natural vegetarian product which is gluten free, which provides a gentle laxative effect on the bowel for regular bowel movements.

It is also thought to have prebiotic properties supporting the bowel flora, reducing bloating and gas. It isn't irritant and is a safe product to use.

Organic Acacia Fiber – 10 ounce

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Another product that is free of flavour and provides an excellent source of fiber for your bowel and for your healthy lifestyle.

It can be mixed in to food and drinks, dissolving without blemishing your food. 

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