ABOUT Acai Berry Benefit In IBS

The acai berry benefit in IBS is an option enjoyed by some Irritable Bowel Syndrome Sufferers. The purple berries grow in the Amazon Forest.

There have been plenty of publications on the net that have been raving about the health benefits for your bowel symptoms.

As a result, there have been different products produced for sale including drinks, powder, capsules, the berries and much more.

Let's look at this further to see whether it is something worthwhile to try.

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Acai Berry

About Acai Berry

The berries are approximately an inch in diameter (grape like), purple in colour and grows on the Acai palm tree found in the Brazilian Amazon.

Locals used its health benefits as a medicinal agent for thousands of years, but it has only become popular to the wider world since the early 90’s.

Information On How It Works

The health benefits are thought due to their powerful antioxidant effect.

Contained within the berry are antioxidants, called Anthocyanins.

These are present in other berry fruits such as blackcurrants, grapes and redcurrants but in much smaller quantities.

Antioxidants have been linked with reducing the risk of developing heart disease and various cancers.

The berry also contains vitamins, sugars, fiber, amino acids and fatty acids.

Acai Benefits

Health benefits have been promoted in many different products including drinks, weight loss products, beauty products and cosmetics.

It has also been promoted as an energy provider and also for its sleep properties.

There have even been claims about increasing libido and boosting your immune system.

The Acai Berry Benefit In IBS

Having done a literature search, at present there doesn't appear to be any evidence based trials in Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

However from researching information, there are anecdotal reports from individual sufferers on blogs  that have been positive as a treatment for their IBS.

Whether this is through the high antioxidant properties or due to the some of the other constituents such as the fiber or vitamins remains to be seen.

Clearly it is a natural product that may provide you with some benefits.

Where Can You Buy It?

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If you would like to try the berries you can purchase your Acai berry products here.

Your just one click away from finding out!

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