Is Colon Cleansing For IBS
A Good Option?

Colon cleansing for IBS is an option that a lot of sufferers find beneficial for both constipation and diarrhea predominant Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Cleansers have been around for centuries in the form of oral treatments (teas, laxatives and enzymes), enemas and colonic irrigation.

The science behind bowel cleansing works on the basis of clearing toxins from your bowel.

They promote a sense of well being, reducing your fatigue, less headaches, more energy and an improvement in symptoms.

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Cleansers have no confirmed scientific basis although remain a popular option for a lot of people with constipation and paradoxically with diarrhea sufferers too as a good, natural alternative.

From my own inference, patients who have had strong laxatives, such as Picolax and Klean Prep prior to colonoscopy, often comment that their symptoms significantly improve for a few weeks after the procedure - an example of a medical colon cleanse!

The Key To IBS Freedom
The Key To IBS Freedom

About Colon Cleansing For IBS

There are various colon cleanse options which include:

Oral Cleanse Preparations

Oral products include laxatives and powders. There are many different bowel cleansing powders on the market and they're all based on variations of herbs, electrolytes and enzymes.

Finding one that works for YOU is the most important thing.

A trial of different preparations is often needed to determine the best option for you.

Colonic Irrigation

Colonic irrigation is a method of colon cleansing for IBS symptoms. It involves the insertion of a tube into your rectum (lower bit of large bowel just inside the anus).

Warmed and gravity fed irrigation fluid is then passed into your colon. I have heard a lot of people say how good this is for relief in constipation and bloating.

Anyone carrying out such a procedure should always ask for your consent as there is a small risk involved with this type of procedure.

These risks are to the risk of colonoscopy, particularly perforation (putting a hole in the colon) although rare.

The procedure should be carried out by an experienced practitioner or done in your own home with home colon irrigation equipment.

You shouldn't have irrigations if you have a colon condition such as IBD, diverticulitis, bowel cancer or any other pathological bowel conditions as the risk of complications are potentially increased.

Clearly, cleansing does have a role for a lot of people, but what is the best colon cleanse for your bowel?

The answer to this is it's your choice!

Below, you will find several top colon cleansing products that you can try including links for you to purchase them.

I have provided you with some information about each of these cleansers, but I would be most interested in your experiences of them too.

You can leave your own review of each cleanser to help others decide by clicking on the review link and providing details.

Cleansing Products

Colonix by Dr.Natura

Click To Buy Colonix By Dr.Natura Button

This 30 day program is made of natural ingredients. 

It contains a herbal supplement (Paranil), an intestinal cleanser fiber supplement (Colonix) and a herbal tea (KleriTea). 

Colon cleansing for IBS with this product is said to promote a regular bowel habit improving digestion, gas, bloating and constipation.


Click To Buy Oxy-Powder Button

This has 3 main ingredients, ozonated Magnesium Oxides, organic germanium-132 and natural citric acid.

The manufacturer claims that it facilitates oxygen delivery to tissues, helps support your immune system and helps to alleviate constipation, cleansing your bowel and relieving your digestive symptoms.

You can buy your Oxy-Powder here.

Super Colon Cleanse

Click To Buy Super Colon Cleanse Button

Claims to clean you colon and relieve suffering from lack of fiber in diet through replacement with psyllium husk powder, herbs and acidophilus.

The manufacturer offers 100%  satisfaction with this product for internal detoxification and colon cleansing for IBS sufferers.

If you would like to try this product, you can do so by clicking the buy button.

Nature's Secret 5-Day Fast

Click To Buy Nature's Secret 5-Day Fast Button

Said to promote healthy daily bowel movements thus helping to eliminate waste by its combined fiber and herbal blend.

It claims to help renew and replenish your body with a combination of the above with the inclusion of some minerals and vitamins.

Is this the best colon cleanse? Let us know!

Dr Schulze's Intestinal Formula #1

Click To Buy Dr Schulze's Intestinal Formula #1 Button

Claims to be the best colon cleanse with the purest organic herbs, ideal for a sluggish bowel or diverticular disease.

Claims 2 to 4 bowel movements are normal with this product. You can try yours today, buy now.


Click To Buy Bowtrol Button

An all natural product containing multiple ingredients including senna, flaxseed and peppermint.

Can be used for as long as you like and said to not only cleanse the bowel, but also increase energy, eliminate harmful organisms and reduce bloating, gas and retention by breaking up faecal matter. 

Nature's Bounty

Click To Buy Nature's Bounty Button

Claims to help promote regularity and cleanse the bowel with the natural advantage of bulk-producing fiber through the use of fruits, herbs and grains.

A truly natural detox which you can find out more by clicking the buy button.


Click To Buy Colosan Button

Said to cleanse with oxygen, help stop absorbing toxins and increase nutritional value from food.

Colon cleansing for IBS helps prevent toxin build up and aid constipation. Its ingredients include citric acid and magnesium oxides.

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