Colonic Irrigation Equipment At Home

Have you ever thought about colonic irrigation equipment, a natural way to help your Irritable bowel syndrome? 

One thing I hear time and time again is how good it is.

There are lots of clinics that offer this service, but have you ever thought of trying it at home?

Yes, most people think about having this in a clinic, but you can actually do this yourself in the privacy of your own home using an enema.

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What Is Colonic Irrigation?

Colonic irrigation is a method of detoxifying your body.

It involves passage of a fluid or enema in to the rectum or lower large bowel.

This induces the rectal nerve supply to fire of impulses to your brain which results in feedback to your bowel to contract.

The stools are also softened and this helps aid passage of stool from your bowel.

Home Colonic Irrigation Equipment

Everyone should have knowledge of colonic's and certainly if you go to a clinic that offers an enema, you would expect the practitioner to be fully trained.

If you try this at home, the suppliers will supply full details on the use, sanitisation and times when the equipment shouldn't be used.

When Shouldn't You Have One?

An enema shouldn't be used unless you are comfortable having one.

If you have a bowel disease such as inflammatory bowel disease, cancer or a bleeding disorder you should avoid this method of bowel cleanse.

If there is any problem with your anal area such as bleeding haemorrhoids or anal fissure (a ‘cut’ in the anal lining) that is very painful and can cause bleeding too, you should avoid colonic irrigation equipment.

If you have any concerns, consult your doctor for advice.

Are There Any Risks?

If you try this at home there is a theoretical risk, although this is pretty rare.

The main risks include inducing bleeding or putting a hole in the bowel called perforation.

If you are concerned about these possibilities, you should discuss them with your doctor.

When Is It Useful?

An enema is useful in constipation as it will help to relieve symptoms. It can also be used in IBS-D too.

Its also said to help aid weight loss, although I suspect this is temporary as a result of fluid loss.

It promotes a state of well being and is recommended by many people.

How Do You Use The Equipment?

You will find it very easy to use. The setup involves a simple board to rest on that is placed over your toilet and is also lean't on a chair.

There is a 5 gallon container for your enema fluid and tubing from this which attaches to your ‘rectal insert tube’.

The cleanse takes approximately 45 minutes and the waste passes in to your toilet.

Home Colonic V Clinic?

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The choice is always yours. It is however much cheaper using your own home colonic irrigation equipment.

In fact, you will find that the price is similar to the cost of a clinic treatment, but the home equipment can be used time and time again.

It is also more convenient as you can use it at a time convenient to you.

It is also very private as you can perform it on yourself. Why not give it a try?

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