Foods To Avoid With IBS Flare Ups

I would like to show you the foods to avoid with IBS or Irritable Bowel Syndrome and the diet recommendations that can make a real difference for you.

Whatever type you have, there is a method of getting control back which involves dietary changes.

The issue though is this, people usually give up before the true benefit is actually felt, which is a shame.

If you want to make a difference, try it and stick to it for at least 3 months.

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The Advent Of Bowel Health Problems

Over the years, I have noticed an ever increasing issue with the foods we all eat.

People start to believe certain dietary options are okay, because they are readily available, usually cheap to buy, get well publicized and taste nice.

They almost become a way of life for some, something I quickly realized when talking to my clients.

Examples include the use of chips (so many different varieties, oven ready etc.), crisps, carbonated drinks and ready meals to name but a few.

The issue with these is that they are convenience items, but not necessarily good for your gut.

In moderation they are okay, but people are using them as the norm, not as a treat.

It is no wonder that people are upsetting their guts. You only have to look to the third world to see this, as IBS is not something that many suffer from.

Changing Attitudes To Diet

In order to improve your symptoms, you need to look at your diet from the point of view of your bowel.

The complex interactions between gut behavior and the types of foods you present it. This is the essence of food therapy for your bowel.

Each of the recommendations I advise are in tune with this. Read them carefully, apply them religiously and you will see a difference.

The Foods To Avoid With IBS

Everyone’s diet is different and the way your bowel reacts to changes is different too.

There are some basic changes you can make and I will cover these in my recommendations below.

Whilst the vast majority will notice a difference, some may also need to do a food diary and look at an elimination diet to find the right foods to avoid.

It’s really a case of 'try and you will see'.

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