THE Health Benefits of Manuka
Honey In IBS

Ever thought of the health benefits of manuka honey in treating your Irritable Bowel Syndrome? They have been enjoyed by New Zealander's for many years. They have long known about the healing properties and been used with success for a whole multitude of disorders.

Its also an antibacterial and its healing promotion have also been subjected to scientific scrutiny and proven, so it’s not just hearsay.

There have been reports of success in IBS as well as gastroenteritis and other bowel disorders.

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  • About - the origins of Manuka and how it is extracted for its health benefits in IBS
  • Health in IBS - lets look at the evidence for its use in your bowel symptoms and whether its worth trying
  • How To Use? - so you are considering purchasing some honey, but how do you use it? 
  • Buy Now - yes you can even buy some through the link to a primary New Zealand supplier

About Manuka Honey

Manuka Honey Flower

The honey is produced by bees that pollinate the Manuka bush found only native to New Zealand.

The bush, Latin name Leptospermum scoparium, produces a small pink flower from which bees obtain the nectar.

This nectar is then used to produce the product that gives you the health benefits of Manuka honey.

Is It The Same As Bee Honey?

Active manuka is unlike any other bee honey. Whilst generally renowned for its health properties, the benefit has been shown to be even better than this.

It's antibacterial action is thought to be through its hydrogen peroxide action. The benefits work via its non-hydrogen peroxide action.

There is a special molecule that augments methylglyoxal an antibacterial that is natural.

This has stability so it doesn't denature meaning it will keep its antibacterial and healing properties.

Health Benefits of Manuka Honey in IBS

Health benefits in Irritable Bowel Syndrome are so far unproven. However, we have heard good reports from sufferers about this natural product.

There have been some published reports of this too. It has no known side effects and is therefore easy and safe to use. This is also backed up by scientific evidence of the benefit in its natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect.

Does It Have Other Uses?

Because of the natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, it has been used to help in wound healing, stomach ulcers and digestive problems such as gastroenteritis (stomach flu), burns, pressure sores and other infections.

How To Use It In IBS

In Irritable Bowel Syndrome, to gain the full effects it is normally taken on a teaspoon four times a day.

It can also be placed on a small piece of bread or toast and should be given 20 minutes before food.

Where To Purchase

I recommend that to gain the full benefits, you buy it from a very reliable source. Worldwide there appears to be more sold than there is produced in New Zealand!

To make sure that you buy REAL Manuka that is active, I have made this easier for you.

I have provided a link below for you to purchase it safely, securely and importantly from a reliable source from New Zealand itself! Just go to the New Zealand supplier for the genuine product and further information.

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