Homeopathic Treatment For IBS

Have you thought about homeopathic treatment for IBS?

I've created this great guide to help your Irritable Bowel Syndrome symptoms. 

After all, these have been around since the late 1700's so it must have some benefit!

Originally discovered by a German doctor, Samuel Hahnemann, these alternative medicines are directed at your symptoms rather than at your diagnosis.

Homeopathy Treatment For IBS

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Prior to starting medicine, I used to work in a homoeopathic pharmacy and was given first hand experience in producing some of these homeopathic remedies.

About Homeopathy

Practitioners view you as a person or “as a whole”, referred to as an holistic approach to your health.

They look at you from all the physical, psychological and emotional aspects to your illness.

Homeopathy has been popular throughout the world, treating millions of people.

With the advent of the internet, homeopathy on the web has become a popular way to find out more and also to buy products.

Homeopathic treatment for IBS is very safe, working with the body’s own immune system to enhance its capability to fight off illness.

Homeopathic treatment is obtained from plants, animals and minerals which are all 'natural' sources. 

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Homeopathy Guide

As homeopathy on the web becomes more common, I thought I would outline some of the common remedies for you.

I have also provided links to buy homeopathy preparations from a reliable web source.

How Homeopathic Medicines Are Made

The substances are diluted to the extent where the initial substance is undetectable by modern science which is truly incredible.

This is then spun or shaken rapidly. The process is called sucussion and the number of times this process takes place determines the 'potency' of your medicine.

It is thought this double process imparts healing energy into the treatment.

The more potent your medicine is, the greater its properties. Homeopathic practitioners use potentised homeopathic treatment for IBS.

The remedy used is usually a much diluted form of the trigger to the illness.

This is the art of treating "like with like". An example of this might be treating a cold with a diluted form of onion (Allium cepa).

The principle to this is that onions can cause similar symptoms to a cold such as runny nose and eyes plus an irritated throat.

These medicines are available in tablets, liquids (tinctures) and creams depending on what symptoms they are being directed at.

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Nux Vomica

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Nux Vomica is one of the common homeopathy remedies derived from strychnine of all substances!

It is completely harmless due to it being diluted so much.

It can be used to help with symptoms of indigestion, bloating, irritability, nausea and abdominal pain.


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This is derived from colocynth or bitter apple.

A homeopathic treatment for IBS that has a purgative effect and is helpful in constipation and bloating and abdominal cramps.

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Aloe Socotrina

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Said to be one of the great homeopathy remedies used to treatment abdominal pain, bloating, wind and colic, this homeopathic medicine is a dilution from the aloe vera plant. 

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A dilute form of Sulphur, this homeopathic treatment for IBS is useful in nausea, constipation and diarrhea symptoms. 

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Carbo Veg

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Carbo Veg comes from vegetable charcoal and is helpful in slow digestion, constipation, fatigue and diarrhea symptoms.

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China Homaccord

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One of the homeopathy remedies that are helpful when fatigue, tiredness and exhaustion are prominent symptoms. 

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Lycopodium is derived from an evergreen plant and has a use in bloating, nausea, constipation and also said to be of use in bleeding haemorrhoids.

It can also be helpful in anxiety and fear.  

It is, of course, important to look on this as 'complimentary' to options available to you i.e used in conjunction with other treatment modalities to promote healing.

Having said that, there are millions of subscribers world wide that find benefit and it has to be remembered that there are a lot of modern medicines used today that haven't been subject to trials either including such a popular drug as Aspirin (which is derived from a plant!). So, it might be worth trying!

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