IBS Nausea Symptoms

IBS NAUSEA SYMPTOMS are a little recognised feature of Irritable Bowel Syndrome. I will look at relief options for that unpleasant feeling of wanting to vomit.

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  • Constipation - is there a connection with your sickness symptoms?
  • Drugs - is there a connection with the medications you are taking?
  • Alcohol - the relationship between ibs and ethanol

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Why Does It Occur?

There are many reasons why this occurs including:


Constipation and the FEELING OF SICKNESS are actually quite common. If you are constipated, fluid and feces back up and the guts motility reduces.

As a result, the stomach’s contents don’t empty in to your bowel, so as it builds up you start to feel nauseous.

The main IBS nausea relief is to address your constipation.


If you take the antispasmodic drugs Buscopan and Mebeverine these can, in some sufferers, cause sickness.

The reason for this is their so called ‘anticholinergic’ effects, which reduce the emptying of your stomach.

The same is true for opiate drugs like codeine phosphate and dihydrocodeine which also reduce stomach emptying.

Psychosomatic Theory

Some people subscribe to the PSYCHOSOMATIC THEORY. These are attributed to the mind rather than to the body or any external influence.

This theory may apply to the few, but I don’t believe this is the case for the majority.

Alcohol And IBS Nausea Symptoms

Alcohol intolerance is not uncommon in IBS and nausea symptoms are just one feature of this.  Indigestion, worsening bowel problems and abdominal pain can all feature with this and the only treatment for this really is to avoid alcohol.

Of course if you are female and have ongoing problems, you should consider pregnancy as an underlying cause.

Relief Options

There are really 3 approaches:


If your sickness is associated with constipation, treating your constipation is the most appropriate way of preventing it.

Avoid drugs which may be causing your problems as well as alcohol if you are intolerant.

Intolerance to gluten and lactose may be underlying your symptoms and worth considering.


Natural remedies include ginger and chamomile. You can read more about herbal remedies here.

Homeopathic remedies can also be helpful. The most common one’s used in nausea are nux vomica, sulphur and lycopodium.

Hypnosis therapy may help ease your symptoms through reducing your perception of the symptoms.


Your doctor might consider giving you conventional drugs for your symptoms such as metoclopramide and domperidone. 

They will also be able to consider other causes too.

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