Things You Should Know about RTT

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Rapid Transformational Therapy, commonly known as RTT, is a new and powerful type of hypnotherapy. It is developed by Marissa Peer, one of the leading therapists in the world. It incorporates the main features of NLP, cognitive behavioral therapy, and hypnotherapy to offer you a remarkable level of insight and healing from a huge variety of mental, emotional, and physical problems.

RTT is extremely empowering. It will permanently and quickly set a person free from whatever has been holding them back. This includes stress, addiction, anxiety, loss of direction, happiness, success, money, love, and much more.

Today, we’re going to share with you several things you should know about RTT. If you want to know more about it, simply visit

Work Together with Your Therapist

The main factor of RTT that makes it such a strong form of therapy is how you and your therapist work together under hypnosis to determine fastest bitcoin tumbler the root cause of your current problems. Instead of just providing hypnotic recommendations, the process of RTT shines a light on what actually lies beneath your problem. With this, the therapist can treat the actual problem. Most of the time, these problems were made during the first 7 to 8 years of your life. This is during your childhood.

A therapist can disrupt and intervene in any restricting beliefs that represent the root cause through careful integration of the 3 therapy methods. With this, they can reframe positively these beliefs and then empower the transformation you need.

It’s a Wonderful Experience

During an RTT session, going into hypnosis is a very relaxing experience. There is no sleight-of-hand, stage hypnosis gimmicks, or pendulums. Professional RTT therapists will utilize the science of alpha brainwaves and REM to safely and gently take you down to a level of insight and relaxation. This will enable the therapist to access your subconscious mind. You’ve got nothing to worry about because you’re always aware and you’re always in control. Hypnosis isn’t about being asleep. It is a quietening of your critical and conscious mind and deep calming of your nervous system.

RTT Can Help with a Lot of Current Issues

A lot of professionals claim that RTT can help with a huge variety of conditions. This includes lack of self-confidence, imposter syndrome, pain control, anxiety, fertility, addictions, weight loss, phobias, and much more.

RTT Is Not Dangerous

It isn’t risky. A couple of individuals are afraid of hypnotherapy. However, hypnotherapy isn’t scary or risky. You can’t be made to do anything that you do not like. You aren’t forced to take on any beliefs you don’t want. You’ve got free will.

It Works

You have read it right. RTT works quickly. If you undergo RTT, you typically only require 1 to 3 sessions. This produces permanent and major changes in your life. Professionals believe that people should quickly see permanent changes in their lives, without the need for years, months, or weeks of treatment.

It Isn’t Just Hypnotherapy

RTT isn’t simply hypnotherapy. It is a hybrid therapy. It combines CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), hypnotherapy, and hypnosis.

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