About Irritable Bowel Syndrome Bloating

Suffering IRRITABLE BOWEL SYNDROME BLOATING & trapped wind symptoms? We've all experienced that feeling of excessive wind or intestinal gas.

You feel uncomfortable, your clothing is tight which in turn causes you increased discomfort.

You may experience a burning pain due to indigestion as well as nausea.

On this page I will show you ways of improving your bloating as well as other conditions that can mimic this.

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Other Causes Of Stomach Bloating

Before definitely saying this is IBS, you have to understand that there are other causes of bloating including.

Lactose intolerance can cause similar symptoms to Irritable Bowel Syndrome bloating. Lactose , a complex sugar, is contained within dairy products and some people just can't tolerate it due to a deficiency or lack of the digestive enzyme called lactase.

If you have noticed that milk, butter, cheese, yoghurt seems to make things worse, a lactose tolerance test will be needed to confirm the diagnosis.

If positive, a change in  diet to exclude dairy will help your symptoms

Intolerance to gluten can be an issue. If you find that flour products such as bread, cakes and pastry make your intestine worse, I would suggest you ask your doctor to exclude coeliac disease.

A condition called SIBO or small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, caused by excessive fermentation of foods in your gut by bad bacteria, can produce gas and stomach bloating symptoms too.

Carbohydrates and sugars can often make your symptoms worse as bacteria feed on these sugary treats.

Finally, during your period, symptoms may be worsen due to water retention.

Treatment Of Irritable Bowel Syndrome Bloating

So how can you relieve your stomach problems?

Foods that cause trapped wind symptoms are mainly high in carbohydrate so having a low carbohydrate diet and keeping your fibre levels up, may help. 

Wind producing vegetables belong to the brassica family. Brussel sprouts, cauliflower, cabbage and broccoli can all cause excessive wind. 

You might find that insoluble fiber that you find in wheat bread makes your symptoms worse and in this situation you may benefit from taking a soluble fibre instead.

The diet section has some very useful information about this. The fibre Benefiber supplement or Acacia may be a good option for you.

Reducing your caffeine intake (Tea, Coffee, some carbonated drinks) and reducing fat in the diet can also help trapped wind symptoms and flatulence. 

If the high fibre route makes your symptoms worse, a low fibre alternative incorporating meat, eggs, fish, white bread, pasta, rice, corn and rice cakes may be more helpful.

Fruits are okay, but try to eat fruits without the skins (the skin has the high fiber in usually).

A FODMAP diet is something you might also like to explore as it can certainly help a lot of your symptoms.

Charcoal biscuits have been advocated for many years as a treatment for wind. Bragg's do a very good one and it is something to consider trying.

The use of colonic cleansing and other colon cleansers may be helpful for some too.

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