YOUR List of Gluten Free Foods To Eat

A list of gluten free foods for your Irritable Bowel syndrome can be found here, including the acceptable diet options as well ones you should avoid. 

Taking foods such as wheat can cause celiac disease symptoms in those susceptible to the disease.

In some people it can also cause allergy symptoms although this is unusual.

Non-celiac intolerance is very common and associated with a lot of different bowel diseases including IBS.

All the above conditions can cause symptoms such as chronic abdominal pain, bloating, diarrhea and sometimes constipation.

The main treatment for all of these is simply avoiding edibles which contain the protein.

So lets look at this more closely….

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  • About - some background information about gluten and why it is important to your health

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About Gluten In Food

This is a protein contained in wheat, rye and barley.

Its present in many different foods that use it as a thickener.

It is present in processed food including ready meals, cereal products and some drinks.

You can think of it as a natural glue-like substance which provides the chewiness as well as the binding to a food product.

Whilst most people are aware of the main foods containing it, you also need to be aware that products not normally associated with gluten can be contaminated.

For the unsuspecting sufferer, this can give rise to problems.

Oats are natural alternative to wheat as a cereal substitute.

You wouldn't normally associate oats with gluten, but farmers sometimes cause contamination either because they grow oat crops near to wheat fields, with cross contamination from pollination or they use the same equipment for harvesting.

A List of Gluten Free Foods

* Meats

* Eggs and Poultry

* Vegetables

* Salads (but not salad cream)

* Dairy Products

* Nuts & Seeds(such as Flaxseed and Millet)

* Rice

* Tapioca

* Corn

* Oats

List of Gluten Containing Ones!

* Breads

* Cakes

* Cookies and Biscuits

* Cereals (exception: rice based cereal)

* Beers

* Croutons in Soups and some soups

* Gravies (unless stipulated)

* Pasta’s

* Food dressings (check packaging)

* Sauces(check packaging)

* Processed Meats

* Snacks

Need Recipes?

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