Some More Symptoms Of IBS

There are many MORE SYMPTOMS OF IBS or Irritable Bowel Syndrome other than the usual diarrhea, constipation, abdominal pain, wind and bloating.

This is important to acknowledge as you might not have recognised the connection between the two.

On this page, I will discuss these in detail for you:

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  • Nausea - the feeling of sickness can be quite disabling
  • Muscle Aches - general aches and pains are often accentuated. 
  • Depression - often makes IBS worse, but can equally start with depression

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More Symptoms of IBS

Below you will see a list of different problems that can occur:


LETHARGY is a common symptom, not only of IBS, but a lot of intestinal disorders.

The reason for this is unclear, but may be due to toxin build up, an unexplained nutritional deficiency or even depression which is common in people with Irritable Bowel syndrome.


Tiredness is another one of those problems associated with IBS.

Why should this be? Possible theories include lack of sleep, stress, depression, constipation, we just don't know.

Personally, I suspect its multi-factorial rather than one specific issue.

Nausea or Feeling Sick

Nausea can be just as disabling as lethargy and tiredness and is particularly seen in constipation-predominant Irritable Bowel Syndrome and treatments to address this can sometimes help.

ANXIETY associated with this illness may exacerbate your problems and treating the underlying cause may help.

Muscle Aches And Pains

GENERAL MUSCLE ACHES and pains are often associated with lethargy.

This is often, but not always, associated with fibromyalgia a little understood condition.

Urine Frequency

URINE FREQUENCY, normally thought of in the context of urine infections, diabetes and excessive drinking can also be seen in IBS.

It's thought to be caused by pressure on your bladder from bloating, constipation and wind.


HEADACHES are often associated with tiredness and fatigue. Depression seems to make this worse.

Causative hypotheses including toxin build up, anxiety and stress.

Painful Sex, Reduced Libido or Sex Drive

ABDOMINAL PAIN can occur during sex and can cause stress in a relationship.

The possible causes for this include direct bowel stimulation, hormonal influences associated with sex and psychological reasons.

Reduced libido or sex-drive can lead to relationship issues. Dyspareunia or painful sex is also more common.


These occur in10-20% of sufferers and can be quite disabling.

Reflux, pain in the upper abdomen, excessive belching and wind are all attributed.

Fortunately there are good treatments available for Indigestion and you should discuss these with your doctor.


DEPRESSION is common in IBS and coping strategies +/- medications can really help some sufferers.

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