Symptoms Of IBS In Adults

The SYMPTOMS OF IBS in men and women include lower back and abdominal pain, diarrhoea and/or constipation.

The stomach cramps occur throughout your abdomen, but are particularly common low down. Classically the pain eases with passing a bowel motion.

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Woman Holding Her Tummy

There are 4 main types:

  • Post Infectious Irritable Bowel Syndrome which can occur after a bout of gastroenteritis 

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Other Signs And Symptoms Of IBS

Whilst most people think of the syndrome as being a bowel related disorder, I believe Irritable Bowel Syndrome is actually a MULTI-SYSTEM disorder.

Remarkably there are many more symptoms of IBS associated that cannot all be attributed to the gut. These include:

  • Tiredness
  • Headaches
  • Indigestion
  • Anxiety
  • Muscle fatigue
  • Urine frequency

All these features in women can be influenced by the hormonal changes that occur around the time of a woman's period or during pregnancy which is goes someway to explain why they  occur more commonly in women.

There are various other hypotheses as to the causes. In men they can't be explained by the female hormonal changes so other possibilities such as viruses, genetics, foods, stress and environment have to be considered. None of these have been proven as a single cause, so it is likely a combination of factors.

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What's your worst IBS symptom?

Abdominal Pain

Who Gets IBS?

  • It is more common in women
  • 50% of sufferers have The Condition before they are 35 years old
  • Is more common in industrialised societies
  • You are more likely to have the condition if you have a family member with it
  • Appears more common in cases of sexual abuse in childhood

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When should You be investigated?

Anyone displaying SYMPTOMS should see there doctor to confirm the diagnosis.

You should be investigated further if you:


Irritable bowel syndrome is CHRONIC or long-lasting. It often "wax's and wane's" with periods of relative calmness interspersed by more intense problems.

They do seem to settle as you get older. Also, post-infectious irritable bowel syndrome usually improves with time too.

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